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Aloe Vera Clear Gel - Unfragranced - 1 kg

Decoloured Original Gel, transparent and clear.
Suitable for Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Skin & Hair Care external application.
GMO free, Paraben free and non-irradiated.

External Benefits of Aloe Vera for external use:

  • Counteracts & suppresses in?ammation.
  • Analgesic effect, relieves pain beneath the skin surface.
  • Anti-pruritic, relieves itching.
  • Humectant, moisturises & promotes retention of water in skin tissue.
  • Proteolytic, enzymatically dissolves and digests damaged or dead tissue cells, promoting healing.
  • Regenerative properties, stimulates the growth of skin cells & ?broblast replication, increasing collagen fabrication.
  • Antipyretic, relieves the heat of burns, in?ammation and fever.
  • Absorbefacient, promotes absorption through tissues.
  • Fungalstatic, inhibits the growth of fungi.
  • Effective in the treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns & seborrhea.
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