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Nobile - Cold Air Diffusing of Essential Oils

NOBILE is a silent and easy-to-use essential oils diffuser.
It operates on mains power and diffuses pure essential oils (without water) as microparticles without heating them. 
This discrete and elegant device allows you to aromatize the air in living areas between 10 and 100 m2.
The intensity can be adjusted using the power unit in order to create a soft, beneficial 
atmosphere and/or a cleaner environment according to your needs.

  • Cold air diffusion
  • Dry diffusion principle: pure essential oils, no water
  • High-­?quality materials:
  •        Wood: rubber-­?tree wood from managed forests
  •        Glass: artisanal hand-­blown glass

Functional details

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Operates silently: integrated motor and foam base
  • Variable power unit
  • Clean, elegant design – stained wood
  • Colour-­changing LED light
  • Recommended for areas of 20 to 100 m2
  • Variable power switch
  • Cycle: on 2 minutes, off 1 minute
  • Automatically turns off after diffusing for 2 hours
  • Height: 23 cm
  • Operates on mains power 220/230 V - 50 Hz - 120 mA. Operating power 12 V / 200 mA.
  • Code: 10203

Aromatherapy advice for making the most of your NOBILE :

  • 10 to 20 drops of essential oils are sufficient for each diffusion session.
  • To cleanse the air and ease breathing, aromatherapists turn to eucalyptus, pine and spruce essential oils as well as ravintsara or mandravasarotra.
  • To provide calmness and relaxation, lavender, petitgrain, sweet orange and mandarin essential oils are recommended.
  • If you are in hospital, recovering or going through a difficult period, the diffusion of essential oils provides beneficial support. Essential oils from nard, neroli, frankincense and citrus fruits essences are particularly well suited.
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