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Did you ever read about an Essential Oil Blend that you wanted to have, however did not know how to get to it?
Did you ever abandon your dream of creating your own Personal Essential Oil Blend because the investment in all the different ingredient was too important or too diffucult to source them?

Here is your Solution!
--> Our New Customised Essential Oil Blending Service!

Create you own Personal Essential Oil Blend in a very ease and very affordable way!

Here is how you proceed:

  1. Use our Essemtial Oil listing on this website to select your Essential oils.
  2. Add the quantities to every individual Essential Oil you select.
  3. Send us an email with your blending request and prefered way of postage or courier.
  4. We will confirm you the availability of the Essential Oils and the total pricing of your personal blend. (The price is based on the quantity used of the Essential Oils selected + a Fixed Blending Fee of R35.00 only).
  5. On acceptance of our quotation, you confirm your order and send us your proof of payment by email.
  6. Your own Personal Essential Oil Blend is prepared and posted/couriered to you within 1 week.


If you are interesten in using Essential Oils at home, we can suggest to attend our Basic Essential Oil Workshop For Home Use.



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