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Practical - Easy to transport - Without water
Swivel socket

This compact diffuser is very practical. Without a stem, it is ready to diffuse immediately. Simply screw on the essential oil bottle (5-10-30ml) and plug it directly into the outlet, to create a pleasant and subtle scent atmosphere in any room of the house. Ideal to use in bedrooms for peaceful nights, its mini size allows you to take it everywhere, even on vacation!

 Swivel socket. Without heat, it works on all 230V electrical outlets.

Technical characteristics:
- Dimensions: H 135 mm x D 100 mm x W 55 mm
- Power source: 240V
- Consumption: Max 800 mAh
- Compatibility: 5ml, 10ml and 30ml bottles
- Materials: PP plastic

- 1 hour - puffs every 10 seconds
- 4 hours - puffs every 30 seconds
- 8 hours - puffs every 60 seconds


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